A new dawn

And we were finally into the IIMT campus. The mentally exhausting time period between CAT and the last interview was finally over.

How were we feeling?

Happy and contented or somewhat unsatiated?

It was a mixed feeling. We were happy to have made it to an IIM – One of the most coveted tags for the students but deep down, there was this one thing keeping us from being ecstatic – ours was a second gen IIM. That cherry on the cake was missing. Yeah, true indeed.

But the time has changed. It’s been more than five months now since we entered the campus.

As the adage goes, “The proof of the pudding lies in the eating”, my perception has drastically changed over the period of time. The institute has shocked me beyond belief. I could not have asked for a better MBA life than this.

Academic rigor coupled with fun-filled moments alongside the best of the best students, a state-of-the-art campus infrastructure, cozy single private hostel rooms, sports, cultural events and what not? There are opportunities galore to learn and manifest our skills.

But that’s what I feel. What about others?

Let’s hear from a few of my batch mates.

Being here at IIM Trichy has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride where I entered with certain notions but right now, most of them have changed or don’t hold true anymore. Now, I know how to tackle the unpredictable and make the best of it at every moment. At every moment, you are learning here.
Ipshita Dutta

The leadership and management skills that I am developing at IIM Trichy, with the help of top-notch faculty and diverse batch are becoming an indispensable tool for my upcoming professional life. I believe a good manager requires a certain level of skill, experience, and optimism. IIM Trichy is helping me nurture all of them.

Vatsal Doshi

Being here at IIM Trichy has been a journey which started right from the CAT exam. Every day is a lesson and every second, a memory. Every single day I brace myself for the surprise and a new challenge and try to get the best out of me. No doubt, the journey has been full of bumps but it has braced me up for the tough roads ahead.

Pooja Kumari

IIM Trichy is providing me the in-depth understanding of different domains through a mix of the theoretical and experiential case-based pedagogy. It helps in the holistic development ranging from honing soft skills to learning hardcore management concepts.

Anshul Jain

The rest is history. Our experiences only corroborate the fact that we have become one of the most coveted B-schools in just seven years and it’s no fluke. It’s the sheer hard work of our IIMT family as a whole. Hopefully, we will continue to set up a high bar for the upcoming batches, a legacy which our seniors left for us to safeguard. More power to us!

Authored by Nikhil Jain, PGP 2018-20

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