Aarambh – The Beginning

“There are times in life when it gets so hectic that we find ourselves on the edge of losing ourselves.”

The MBA journey had been going on at full throttle. After all, it was the first term – probably the most hectic one. We were all pumped up in the beginning, but down the line, turbulence became dominant.

It had been almost month and a half since we landed up here to give wings to our dreams but down the journey, we felt lost. As expected, the competition was cut-throat and left us with no time for ourselves.

But this was not it.

Amidst a gruelling academic rigour,  we got some respite in the form of Aarambh – The first sports event of the session conducted by Sports Committee. For us, it was an oasis in the desert of rigour. It was time for us to rejuvenate and unwind ourselves.

Aarambh was meant to be beyond sports. For us, it was an opportunity to grow as a family – The IIMT family.

It all started with a cricket and football match between PGP 1 and PGP 2 on the occasion of Independence day, a perfect beginning of the event whose proceedings began with the director, Dr Bhimaraya Metri tossing the coin. It was time for us to unleash our talent. At the same time, it was the time to reinforce our relations with PGP 2. The cricket match was won by PGP 1 while PGP 2 defeated PGP 1 in the football match, courtesy a last-minute winning goal in a thriller game that went down to the wire. It was an absolute nail-biting stuff. But the outcome was beyond 1-1. The event strengthened our bond and mutual respect. It was indeed a delight to watch.

In those three days, we witnessed unprecedented excitement among students in each and every single game, be it Table Tennis, Carrom, Chess or Pool. More than 120 freshmen participated in the event. By this time, we had proudly become nocturnal beings, courtesy the culture of IIMs. Consequently, the mid-night matches were enthralling with an overwhelming crowd supporting the participants. Yeah, the support was all around. There were moments of intense joy and a little sadness but in these moments, we forged a family which shared these moments together. 

Indeed, it was “Aarambh” of a new bond among us.

Authored by Nikhil Jain, PGP 2018-20

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