About us

The year was 2011. An enthralling aura of the IIMs permeated through the southern most part of the country and IIM Trichy went up and running.

So, what is IIM Trichy all about?

What’s so special about it?

Curious to know how a day at IIMT goes?

What we do day in day out?

Everyone knows that our curriculum is rigorous.

But is it all about us?

What about sports and parties?

How about the diversity and versatility?

What about students and faculty?

What do we do on our day out in Trichy and what about weekends?

Movies? Shopping? Age-old traditional temples? Or a visit to Pondicherry and other heavenly places nearby?

Let’s hear all such intriguing and fun-filled stories from our diverse and versatile students. The Student blog of IIM Trichy is an expression of our endearment to the institute, an endeavor of ours to give a glimpse of a roller coaster ride of two years and let the world know more about the IIMT family.