Why Should I Join IIM Trichy?

Why Should I Join IIM Trichy?
How is the faculty there?
What about the infrastructure?
Most importantly, how is the placement scenario at IIMT?
Finally, how does it fare among the second generation IIMs?

I am certain that these perplexing questions can weigh on your mind, having been there and done that exactly a year ago. You might also be feeling that deciding which question to attempt in the CAT exam was manageable, but deciding which college to join is a dead uphill task.


Welcome to the MBA world!

Last year, at this very time, we were in the very same boat. We felt the need to make the right choices because at this point, it could drastically change our lives ahead.

We know what you are all going through at the moment. To be honest, it is not a very good state to get into because it takes a lot of physical, mental and emotional strength above all to navigate these decisions. Therefore, this is my earnest attempt to help you make an informed decision. As I am currently a student of IIMT, I can only do my bit to help, but my information is obviously bounded to what I have experienced. So, a word of caution to look at your parameters along with any advice you might receive here or at any other platform. It has to be your decision because you have to live by it for the rest of your life. I am only trying to help you take the decision.

In this article, keeping in mind the frequently asked queries by aspirants, I am going to talk about a few facets of IIM Trichy at length. So, this write-up is going to be a lengthy one. Be patient! It will be worth it. I can vouch for it upfront.

Let me start by talking about the infrastructure first because aspirants have been endlessly asking about the new campus.

Yes, we are in our new campus now. We shifted here way back in 2017. Unlike other second gen IIMs, it’s fully functional and has one of the best architectures with world-class facilities. Let’s walk through the infrastructure in pictures.

  • The state-of-the-art AC classrooms with projectors facilitate a great learning experience.
    State-of-the-art classroom


  • Colossal Auditorium (250 seater)

  • The humongous Learning Resource Centre (LRC) offers a perfect ambiance to study anything anytime.
    Learning Resource Centre


  • The single occupancy AC rooms gives you all the liberty to make the most of your time the way you want.



  • The grand Sports Complex, with facilities of table tennis, badminton, carom, chess, and swimming Pool.


  • The placid lake – a picturesque place for tranquility amidst grueling academics.

    Lake cropped
    Sunrise @ Lake
  • Basketball, Cricket and football ground.
    cricket ground cropped
    Still from IIM Trichy Cricket League
    Still from Prayudh


Now, Let’s talk about faculty – one of the crucial factors in choosing the college.

Wouldn’t it be a dream come true to be taught by the best of the best faculties?
What if you could get an opportunity to talk to your faculty even at the odd times?

With around 36 in-house faculties, mostly from IIM A, B, and C, besides a few who pursued PhD from foreign universities, IIM Trichy is proud to have achieved a rare outstanding feat of the student to faculty ratio – 10:1 (The link to the faculty profile is provided at the end of this article.)  It speaks the volume of the kind of support that students get from faculties who work day in day out with unflinching dedication to enrich students’ learning experience.

The talent of students and the support they get from faculties has also been proved by our achievements in corporate competitions. For instance, IIM Trichy students have repeatedly won the CFA-RC challenge at the National level, which is considered to be the toughest corporate competition for MBA students.

Winners of National Level CFA RC Challenge, 2019

Curious to know more?

Let me talk about the placement for which you might have been reading this article very keenly till now.

To be upfront, I need not talk much about the placement. We have been challenging ourselves year after year and have been successful so far. This year, we have witnessed a record 34% rise in average stipend in summer placements. This spurt growth in the placement figures over the years is a testament to my view. The placement report at the end of this article only seconds my point and speaks for itself in silence.

But, is IIM Trichy all about the infrastructure, faculty, and placement?

No way!

Life at IIM Trichy is no less than an adventure! Trust me, the southernmost IIM never sleeps.

So, how does a typical day at IIM Trichy pass?
I would say, constructive chaos!

It’s been close to a year since I joined this institute and it feels like it happened yesterday. Indeed, time flies! With days packed with activities one after the other, it is bound to happen. Classes, assignments, discussions, sports, cultural events, and other co-curricular activities ensure that we are on our toes all the time.

A typical day starts at 8 AM with a friend banging the door to wake you up for the 8:30 AM class. Yes, time is of the essence. We are bound to cut short our morning sleep to attend the class for, entry at 8:31 is never entertained.

Indeed, constructive chaos!

But there is more to our days beyond academics. Amidst the busy schedule, we have learned to steal time for ourselves and do things we love. One can witness people flocking the sports complex playing table tennis, badminton or unwinding themselves by swimming. People cherishing equanimity near the lake in the evening is a common sight.

Here, 3 AM is the new 10 PM because that’s when people usually call it a day. The canteen which serves us till 3 AM in the morning is one place where it always feels like daytime. Such is the crowd it attracts during late night.


So, this was all about the routine of a typical weekday. I will culminate this post by sharing my final thoughts – Having spent close to a year at IIM Trichy, I have witnessed the IIM Trichy Brand which has been achieved on account of unprecedented growth rate in all the aspects, be it infrastructure, faculty or placement. Probably, that’s why it is ranked as one of the fastest growing Business Schools in India.


I Hope to see you soon at IIM Trichy.

“In this odyssey of two years, you will go through the highs, the lows, and the blows. But there is this one thing – You will cherish every single bit of it in the years to come.”

All the best!

Authored by Nikhil Jain, PGP 2018-20


Placement Report: https://www.iimtrichy.ac.in/placement-report
Faculty Profile: https://www.iimtrichy.ac.in/faculty-profile



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